Big Perch - Attempt No 3 (River Dee, Chester)

Even though, I'm not the greatest lure fisher in the world, Chester or even my house probably(!), there is something about the little rascals that keeps me buying them like Imelda Marcos with shoes. 

Living on the Dee is like torture, given I just can't get to grips with it after over 30 years of trying and a quick surf through Google can show plenty of 20lb plus pike and some great perch.  This boy seems to be pretty good at finding them though:-


I'm reliably informed that a 5lb perch has come out of the City Centre stretch which is where I live so I've been researching the best trolling lures for perch for literally weeks now and they've arrived from various far flung parts of the world at great expense. 

A Kwikfish K15 banana shaped plug in black and green apparently has an action which is "Irresistible" to big stripeys so it's off for a row before work with this bad boy trailing behind.  Must confess that the doubts were starting to kick in as I passed the water treatment works 1.5 miles upstream but sure enough when dragging the lure under an overhanging tree off goes the ratchet.

My PB perch is only 1lb 4oz so any decent fish stands a chance of getting me a PB.  Excitement short lived though as a feisty but relatively small (0.75lb) perch is netted.  Nothing more on the way back down the river but plenty of options to try in the coming weeks if the levels stay sensible.

Mr Fish

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