Big Tench - Attempt No 8 (Lymmvale)

Decided to work my way round Lymmvale on a hot day/evening with my highly technical anchored crust rig on one rod and a white chocolate shelf life boilie on the other rod to beat my Tench PB of 5lbs which has stood for 20 years and was on a pole to a caster rig on 1.5lb line.  See recent salmon/chub on the Wye blog for the Mr Fish special rig.

Must admit these white choc boilies smell amazing, though I've never actually caught anything on them.  No change today either with 7 hours invested for not one twitch.

Blank number 18, I'm afraid.

Back next week(ish) with Plan B - not the singer of course...unless he wants to email me and come!

Mr Fish   

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